My Favourite Calendars











I used to be all about the paper calendars. In Elementary and Secondary School I had one of those complimentary agendas that has the coils and little plastic bookmark that clips into the coils. I had it filled up with when my assignments were due, any appointments I had coming up, friend’s birthdays, etc. It was colour-coded with highlighter by subject (blue for history, red for math), with little sticky-notes marking things with dates that may change, or things that were most important. It was beautiful, and completely useless to anyone else because I had personalized it. The paper planner was great because I was already carrying around books, and it fit so nicely in my bag.
After high school and into university I used Passion Planner. Their books are absolutely beautiful, filled with inspiring quotes, areas for notes/accomplishments/challenges, and are very sturdy with a faux-leather cover. They are actually each personally inspected and initialed by someone in the manufacturing facility. The thing I love about paper calendars is that you can move things around, add extra notes that are automatically visual, and paste in business cards, and notes if needed.
Now, however I only use my calendar app on my phone. I don’t carry around a big enough bag to fit an agenda comfortably, and I won’t remember to bring it with me anyway. My phone however I bring with me wherever I go, with no extra weight.
I got an iPhone last year, but found I didn’t like the calendar app that came it. I couldn’t colour-code so that it was as visually organized as I’d like it to be. I instead downloaded a new calendar app called Calendars by Readdle (available on iPhone and Android) and I love it! You can assign colours to different things (I have green for work, red for volunteering, yellow for personal, blue for organizing, pink for family etc) and you can view it at a weekly or monthly setting and it is very easy to see what is coming up on your schedule.
Check them out! Having an up-to-date, functional and inspiring platform in which to write your upcoming projects really helps motivate you to actually do them!