Ways to Keep Organized While Moving

Packing up and moving does not need to be stressful! Of course there are many changes that happen, but there are ways of making it a smooth process. I personally love moving! Packing up items, fitting them tetris-like into boxes was always something that was so satisfying to me, and of course the more efficiently that you pack up items, the easier it is to lift/move them as well as unpack them and re-organize your new space.
Here are some tips that I’ve learned over the years of moving to different locations, and when helping others move.
  • Where to start? Pack up items that are not used as often first – books, knickknacks, out of season clothing. The things you know you won’t need. I usually do this a month or so before the move. As for books, pack them in reusable shopping bags! Everyone has a whole bunch of them laying around these days, and if you don’t, you can often get them for free or inexpensively at grocery stores, thrift stores or at different events that are giving out swag! (Plus after using them for moving, you can use them for groceries!) Lay the books in the bags flat so that they don’t get misshapen while being stored, and if there are any spaces leftover on the sides, see if more books can fit in those spaces. As long as they are snugly packed in there, they will not move around and become warped.
  • You obviously want to spend the least amount of money while moving: don’t waste your hard-earned money on purchasing moving boxes from moving companies! You can get perfectly good boxes from grocery stores, different department stores, and especially liquor stores (they often have the bottle inserts in them that are perfect for moving bottles of your own, or for dividing fragile items that may rattle around during moving). Re-using boxes is not only cost-effective for you, but it is also environmentally friendly because you are giving a box a second life rather than using a new one! Just ask your local grocery or liquor store if you can get boxes from them, maybe even figure out when their stock day is so you can have a better selection.
  • Make a list of all the people/places that have your mailing address – banking, utility bills (though a few/all of those may be changing since you are moving), phone companies, charities that you donate to, Driver’s License, Health Card. Keep this handy during the process of packing/moving so you can add to it when you remember another place you need to change your address with. Then actually remember to change your address when the time comes. For a small fee, you can also get Canada Post to forward all mail sent to the old address, to your new address. Check it out here: https://www.canadapost.ca/web/en/products/details.page?article=forward_your_mail_wh&ecid=display|ddn|ml|225
  • Are you having a hard time figuring out how you’re going to lay our your new space and whether you can fit everything? If possible, take pictures, measurements and even draw out a diagram of your new space. Take into account what furniture you have, how you are going to position it in the new space, and if you are struggling to fit it all on your paper layout, it’s probably not worth the time moving all the way there! If you have a large enough vehicle you can bring these items to your local thrift store, they can often pick them up for a small fee, or you can always leave them on the curb and they’re usually taken within a day or so by magical fairies 🙂
  • Go through your pantry items – do you have any cans or boxes of food that you forgot were back there? Check the expiry dates of everything and dispose of what is past due. There is no sense moving these items only to chuck them when you arrive at the new place. Anything you find that you don’t want/need and is NOT past due, you can donate to the local food bank (there are often boxes in local grocery stores). This is a nice way to give back, but also that helps you declutter.
Happy moving!